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Session 01

Session 1

5th year, Third Age (TE)

March 21

Donovan met with Ignosi following his impressive exploits in skirmishes with the Argosians. Following recommendation from his advisors Ignosi granted Donovan 250 gold pieces and a mission to recruit a capable team of individuals to act as a multipurpose squad for the Ignosi Tribe, and so Donovan headed to Free City Arcania, in the Helen’s Merchants territories to look for mercenaries who might be willing to work with him.

April 8

Donovan arrived in Arcania, and after visiting with his mother, set about his task, visiting local inns and markets, and placing recruitment signs directing interested parties to meet up at a local park.

Uninspired by the first few, Donovan was suitably more impressed when a drow named Pheeez showed up with a pet bear named Wrrawar. The next to show up was a man whose first impression was illuminating. Kris von Kris Saintikristi IV showed his usefulness by mending a bruise Donovan had acquired in his sparring. The third to catch Donovan’s eye was a man who was able to almost blow Donovan down with a gust of wind. After some sparring, despite taking a few blows, Djembe was able to mend himself and continue the brawl, at which point Donovan was suitably impressed to call it off. The last to approach Donovan was an elf named Soro Boru who claimed to be the missing cog in the recruits – suggesting that he would be able to put a convincing face in any sort of negotiation they might need to make, and unsurprisingly, was able to convince Donovan of just that.

April 9

The party met up again the morning after and started their trek back through the Alduran and Argosian territories, utilizing his squadmates abilities to avoid major roads and any Argosian scouts.

April 26

Back at Ignos, the team met up with Ignosi and his aides. Their first mission was to investigate increased Argosian activity in the Wildwood on the Argosy- Ignosi border, and decided to set out for Fort Ferros, the Ignosi border fort, immediately.

April 29

After resupplying at the fort they headed for the border. After another couple of days travel they reached the Wildwood and begun their mission. It was only a few hours before the keen eyesight of Djembe discovered a set of fresh tracks. The party began to track, and were led to a small party of Argosians. They set up and ambush and obliterated their enemies, leaving just one alive.

Mannkin, a young mercenary of the Argosians was reasonable quick to spill information regarding his comrades – that they were a party of about 20 who had come to scout a nearby mine. Armed with the knowledge that at least half the squad were scouting, the party decided to ambush those remaining at the camp. Another easy victory gave the party control of the campsite. The party questioned Jose, the last remaining at the campsite, who informed them that the lieutenant of their squad was inside the cave with another group, investigating.

After some brainstorming, the party sent Pheez and Kris into the cave to scout, and after a few minutes discovered a group of 5 discussing something. Reporting back to the others, they set up an ambush. The fight would prove more taxing than the rest, but they eventually wore their opponents down, as the lieutenant surrendered.

The party learned that General Moran, one of Argosy’s top men, had ordered an investigation of the cave as an iron supply. Satisfied with the lieutenant information, they killed him, and forced the remaining troops to join them. A quick look at the cave walls revealed the iron Argosy had been looking for, but that much of it had been mined.

Satisfied with their mission, Donovan ordered the group to bring their prisoners back to Ignos and report their mission progress.


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