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Session 02

Session 2

May 2

The party arrives back at Ignos and reports their findings. Ignosi is uninterested, and says the party is free to do whatever they like until another mission is issued, and that another man named Santa Unchakof has come to Ignos after seeing a poster to join Donovan’s team in Arcania, and that Ignosi found him amusing, so he was thrust into Donovan’s squad. Donovan and the party decide to investigate the iron mine deeper, and head back to it.

May 6

Party arrives back at the mine, and for safety, leave Pheez and Wrrawar at the entrance to warn them if anyone approaches. They begin their trek deeper into the mine.

On the way they discover a few giant spiders and centipedes, dispatching them easily, before coming across a drider lurking in a large room. After setting some traps, Soro Boru lures the drider into the party, where they handily dispatch it.

While discussing their next move, a drow named Desmi Maru approaches the party and begins questioning their presence. Soro Boru’s silver tongue convinces the drow they are not hostile, and eventually gets her to reveal her purpose – as a scout for The Dark, and underground drow civilization, who are beset by drider attacks.

Sensing an opportunity, Donovan suggested that, as members of the Ignosi Tribe, they may be able to help The Dark with their problem. Intrigued, Desmi leads the party back to her city, Balebarrow.

May 7

The group arrives at Balebarrow, and meet with the mayor of the town, Oro K’ae, as well as his son, the military commander, N’oro K’ae. After a tactical assessment of what would be needed, the party returns with Desmi to Ignos, using the Dark Roads to speed up their travel.

May 10

Arriving back at Ignos, the Tribal Leadership agree to lend 500 soldiers to the attack on Turathleb, the leader of the drider, as a diversion to draw her guards away and attack the Spider Queen herself.

To avoid detection by Argosian scouts, Desmi leads the army through the Dark Roads to Balebarrow.

May 17

At Balebarrow, The Dark have been making their own preparations by collapsing flanking tunnels to try and protect Balebarrow from drider attacks while they mobilize the majority of their army to confront the drider. All told, 500 Ignosi soldiers and 500 Dark soldiers leave Balebarrow.

May 22

The fight against Turathleb’s main force begins, while the elite party, consisting of Donovan, Kris, Djembe, Soro Boru, Santa, Pheez, Desmi, and Oro K’ae’s elite guardians. While the guardians and Pheez took to Turathleb’s guardians, the rest of the party attacked Turathleb herself. After a long encounter, a whipping slash from Donovan’s blade cut deep into Turathleb’s head, killing her. Almost immediately the remaining drider in the room buckled, and were quickly dispatched, and a howl could be heard through the corridors.

The party rushed to the place where the encounter had taken place, only to find the remaining drider army had been similarly quieted. Pleased with their success, the armies marched back to Balebarrow.

May 28

A quick meeting with Oro K’ae, who agrees to pledge his army and scouts, as well as the Dark Roads themselves, to the aid of Ignosi in his war, and the party headed back to Ignos, while Lincoln lead the army back to Fort Crab.

May 31

Back at Ignos, the Tribal Leadership are ecstatic at the news and their new allies. Ignosi grants favors to each of the new mercenaries: an iron mine for Donovan, a bow – Noble Panther, to Soro Boru, a unique carved idol of a bear for Kris, a boat for Djembe, and a favor for Santa, and then a feast was enjoyed by all.

June 1

The following day TSIR called the party back into her office to discuss the next plan of action. With their new found advantage of moving armies wherever they want undetected, they wish to perform a surprise attack on Argosy. However, without detailed knowledge of the Argosian troop movements, it could still easily backfire, as the Argosian troops vastly outnumber them. So a plan to go to Neria and learn what they can of the garrison there, as well as any future movements was decided. And that the party would continue on to Hawthorne and Arnise after that to discuss simultaneous attacks onto the Argosian menace.


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