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Session 3

Attack on Neria

Session 3

June 9

After a week of recuperating, the party headed out to Neria to begin their scouting mission. Handed merchant papers before they left, Desmi led the party through the Dark Roads to Neria.

June 12

After a quick run-in with the guards, the party were given permission to enter the town. They wasted no time in getting to work. Most of the party explored town not-so-secretly peddling their fish and crab in their bear-drawn-cart, they also secretly began drawing a map of the area to aid in any attacks. While this occured, Soro wandered off with Santa as a bodyguard to gather information about the area.

After finding an inn with a less than reputable air about it, Soro and Santa entered. After a brief discussion with the barkeep, they were pointed in the direction of a few men playing liar’s dice in the corner of the bar. Soro inquired about information regarding the military in the area, and was told to return the next day.

Around 7PM, the party retired to the Happy Heron Inn, recommended to them by the gate-guard. Hearing that it was a bit of a nightspot for the military, most of the party hung about the tavern, watching and waiting.

Meanwhile, Pheezz and Wrrawrr sat out in the stables, waiting.

After some time, it became clear that one particularly well off Lieutenant was becoming quite intoxicated. To speed up the process, Kris turned up the charm and convinced a waitress to slip something into his drink.

Shortly after his ingestion, while Kris ‘distracted’ the waitress while the others entertained Lt. Sander, eventually taking him up to his room, while the returning Kris ‘distracted’ his female escorts.

Some conversation later, the party has discovered a little about the local garrison size, and potential for reinforcement, as well as an important trade route along the north east coast, but Lt. Sander was not able to maintain consciousness and fell into a deep slumber, at which time Soro decided to steal his clothes and badge.

Reasonably satisfied with the information, the party decided to let Soro conclude his afternoon meeting, and head out of the city.

June 13

A morning of scouting finished with Soro’s meeting with an unnamed Major in the Neria garrison. After confirming most of the information they had received the day before, the party set out of Neria to speak with the leadership of the Hawthorne Pirates. Met by a guide of The Dark, they made their way to Fort Erinpura, on the border of Hawthorne lands.

June 19

The party had a quick meeting with the local garrison Captain, Rousen, who informed them that he could set up a meeting with Wallace, the second in command of the Hawthorne Pirates, if they traveled to Rein.

June 30

Another trek through the Dark Roads, and they were given a meeting with Commander Wallace. The party made their pleas that an alliance against the Argosians would surely be mutually beneficial in helping the Hawthorne Pirates establish a zone of safety at their northern border, so that they could focus on the Human Nationals in the south. Wallace said he would make a decision the following day after discussing with his advisors.

On their way out, their escort, Captain Rolfe, gave a not-so-subtle hint that they should meet someone at the Soft Serpent Tavern.

After a few hours of waiting, a man (the bartender), approached the party and informed them that while Wallace would be unlikely to aid them, factions within the Hawthorne Pirates may be, and that they should go see General Mille Venus at Fort Erinpura as soon as possible.

July 1

After a disappointing meeting with Commander Wallace who said that the Hawthornes just weren’t in a position to act against Argosians considering Commander Hawthorne’s sickness, the party headed back to Fort Erinpura.

July 12

Back at Fort Erinpura, Captain Rousen greeted them and showed them to a meeting with General Venus. The party learned of how many people expect Hawthorne to stand down soon, and Wallace’s lack of interest in taking the mantle, leaving a power vacuum which General Venus wishes to take advantage of. The party made a deal with her that she lead an attack on Fort Gerrou, and the Ignosi Tribe would attack a day later at Neria to catch them before reinforcements from Fort Orlais could appear. The plan scheduled for three weeks from now, the party headed back to Ignos to discuss their plan with the Tribal Leadership.

July 19

The Tribal Leadership informed of the tentative plan give the go ahead, and moreover give command of the 6000 troops to Donovan, as a reward for setting up the action. After taking a week to gather their forces, the Tribal Army met with the drow and took the Dark Roads to their destination, half a day from Neria.

August 2

The army emerges from the Dark Roads and marches on Neria. Thanks to the maps the party had set up and some of the information regarding the perimeter defenses they obtained, a small number of infiltrators snuck into the city, knocked out the northern guard post and burned it to the ground. Not wanting to get caught out inside the city, General Moran led out his vanguard and cavalry units to engage while the remaining units were organized and led out.

The surprise attack caught the Nerian Army off guard, and they were routed several hours later. The Tribal army took minor losses, and recruited a number of their defeated opponents, while taking General Derald Moran and Major Ainslie Lambert as hostages.

August 3

Following the victory, they learn of General Venus’s success at Fort Gerrou, but in raiding the offices found correspondences between Moran and Argosy regarding their movements north, and the taking of of Fort Zweiver, and subsequently Aldura, effectively eliminating the Aldurans.

August 4

TSIR pays a visit to the resting party, informing all of them as a reward for their importance in taking Neria, that they are being offered promotions. Captain, for the Unit Leaders Kris, Djembe, Santa, Pheezz, and Soro, as well as Major for Donovan, along with title of Forward Commander.

She also informs them that a War Council is being held in two days time to discuss the next actions of the army, and that Donovan is invited to attend.


Kadomony djembe

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