Yes. Left.


XP: 64/76
Insight: 140/153


Earth 2
Stamina 2
Willpower 2

Fire 2
Agility 3
Intelligence 2

Water 4
Strength 4
Perception 4

Air 2
Reflexes 3
Awareness 2

TN: 22
Full Defense: 6k1
Full Parry: 6k2

Feint: 5
Maneuver: 4k1


String of Water (5)
Souldam (50)
Stem the Flow (10)
Stem the Current (20)
Unleash the Flow (10)
Sea’s Fury (15)
Terror of the Deep (30)




Battle 3
Defense 3
Geography 2
Alchemy/Herbalism 3
Hunting 3
Knowledge (Seacurrents) 3
Music (Singing) 2
Notice 3
Sailing 4
Polearm 2
Swords 5
Survival 5
Unarmed (Tetsu-Do) 3
Theology 3


Djembe is a Seidiir that was born in the time just before the Restoration. While details surrounding his origins are unclear, Djembe is a moderately well known face on the human continent, as for a time it was plastered throughout major cities. A young Djembe purchased a ship from Mr. Goldhand Brook, a former-pirate-turned-shipping-magnate, putting his life’s earning into a substantial down payment. He hadn’t captained a dozen voyages when his ship was overrun by a Seidiir boarding party. The ship was scuttled, the crew killed to a man, and Djembe left presumably to die on a rocky atoll far from the coast.

Speculation surrounds Djembe’s story at this point: some say his unconscious body was fished up by seasonal fishermen, while others insist he set what little flora existing on the island ablaze to draw attentions of local sailors. Whatever the matter, he ended up in the care of fishermen that happened to fish those waters seasonally.

The fishermen’s hospitality was to be short-lived; while returning to their home shores, they were set upon by mercenaries. They were little match to the pirates, but they fought bravely all the same. Many of the fishermen were slain, the rest, along with Djembe, were taken captive. Having recognized such an appetizing prize within reach, they hauled Djembe off to face Mr. Brook.

The mercenaries were paid upon Djembe’s delivery and dismissed. From there, the terms were set into place that would see Djembe pressed into indentured servitude. For five years, Djembe sailed on a boat that was not his for a man he owed money to for a boat he once had.

Upon the completion of a final sea to land caravan from the Teotican to Arcania, Djembe found himself free from the burden of servitude. Free from any burden as it were, as he had little but the clothes on his back, some coin in his pocket, and the experience of the cost of failure.


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