Santa Unchakof

Nathan's PC


Character Name: Santa Unchakof
Title: Vanguard Marshal
Race: Human (rein)
Class: Royal Guard Sign: Josepi Age: 54
FIRE – 2 (agi 3)
AIR – 2
VOID – 2

Combat / Physical
Athletics 5
Battle 8
Defense 7
Horsemanship 3
Weapon (Sword) 5
Weapon (Dagger)
Unarmed (Brawling)
Unarmed (Tetsu Do)

Social / Mental
Notice 3
Oratory 4
Perform (any)

Knowledge / Craft
Knowledge (royalty)
Medicine (Any)

Let Them Have It (G)
Royal Charge
Shield Mastery
Spell Block

(last updated 1/16/14, still incomplete pending addtl. technique purchases)


Santa Unchakof is old, and tired.

In the five years that have passed since the Restoration much has changed, but much has stayed the same too. The politicians still squabble, merchants still need protection from ne’er-do-wells, and royalty still need metal to stand between them and the masses they tower above.

Santa has had a lifetime of duty for all of them since he was trained in the art of protection, and the scars to prove it. He was apprenticed at a young age by another time-worn Royal Guardian, Oswald Creo, who noticed the then young lad’s endurance in a dockyard strike-turned-brawl, and lifted him out of a life of menial labor into something that might provide better.

Years of travel and training with his new master transformed the aggressive and temperamental young Santa into a new individual, tempered by dedication to his new duty — protecting others. His master stressed the importance of his the Royal Guardian creed and of human life, tempered by the harsh truths of reality. Oswald would speak wistfully of his the stories passed down from his own master’s master; Grandiose tales of kings and honor, of duty and nobility, of men longing for a time long ago before the world had been drowned in water. He also stressed that this time had long passed, to not be glamoured by foolish notions of honor and justice, and that in a world of strife the right and good is not always clear.

Still, Oswald often sought out noble individuals, championing their causes and lifting their burdens onto his and his apprentice’s shoulders. Many days and nights did they spend guarding the bedchamber of a politician fearing retaliation, escorting those seeking asylum to where they might find freedom, and fleeing pursuit themselves to deliver vital communicae… At least, those were how a bard might tell the tales, sweeping all the boring details of life under the rug. Many times more of those same days spent as common merchant guard or mail courier. And so the years passed, the master and apprentice guarding each other and letting the days roll on.

Many years passed, and Oswald’s age began to creep up on him. He fell gravely ill to an unknown lung condition and, unable to keep up with his duties, was forced to retire to a monastery. Aware that his time was not far away, Oswald confided in his apprentice that despite all his cynical pragmatism he did still long for a world of peace, just like in his tales of old. He gave his apprentice a few names and a location to seek out, “if he ever wondered where this old man’s foolish tales came from” as he put it. Santa spent the next year lingering near Oswald’s side until the old man finally passed away from his illness at the age of 65, over twenty years too soon to see the world restored to the glory of his tales.

With Oswald now dead, Santa wandered from place to place. Despite the information confided in him by his wistful master, he never sought out those persons whose names he had been given. He slowly became disillusioned of the changing tides of the world. He had no family or home to return to, nor felt compelled to any cause. He saw with his own eyes that in time even the villains become the heroes, and become villains once again. A feared conqueror can become the protector of the people, and then again turn into a vile oppressor. A greedy merchant ousting his competition with shrewd business contracts becomes the backbone of a thriving new city, only to have it crushed again when his son inherits and squanders his empire. Santa looked back on his life and found that perhaps in the end, perhaps neither his nor his master’s accomplishments may have much purpose in the end. In the time that followed Santa took menial jobs much like those he had before his master’s passing and lived month to month without much purpose.

The Restoration changed all that. Never in his life had a change so monumental occurred. The world returned to the way it was before, the way it was in his master’s stories? He didn’t even think it possible. Tempered as it is with harsh reality, Santa’s now old heart stirs with past dreams of purpose and dedication. He’s not the young man he used to be, now nearly as old as his master was when he passed away, but he still remembers those feelings that had been entrusted to him at the old man’s deathbed.

Santa now lives in the Helen’s Merchants region, still doing escort work for caravans. Its not quite the tale of glory his master once spun for the new world he now lives in, but it’s something. He works for a mercenary contractor, Elizabeth Arnesti, who believes in the good of free trade and protecting the livelihood of the people in the storm of change that followed the Restoration. He lives day to day, torn between finding some influential person to serve in the name of a greater cause, if the people his master named before he passed are still alive these many years later, and at the same wondering if there is some small corner of the new world for an old man to call his own and retire to.

One day while in Arcania, Santa’s eye catches a notice buried amid the others on the notice board at his favorite inn. The notice seeks interested parties to aid the Ignosi tribes, but the date listed is over two weeks old. Santa takes some time to ponder this possibility before taking the next caravan heading south-east closer to Ignosi territory. Only time will tell what will come of this decision…

Recent events
(Date) Santa joined up with the Ignosi tribe, assisting them in their future endeavors both major and minor.
(Date) Santa fought with the Ignosi tribe in the battle of the darkroads, helping the drow quell a threat from the driders.
(Date) The drow led the Ignosi army through the dark road for a sneak attack in Argosi lands. Santa leads the vanguard in the battle, which ends in a fairly decisive victory thanks to Donovan’s leadership.
(Date) Santa is granted a favor by Ignosi himself. Remembering his master’s unfinished last request, Santa asks that those persons named by his old master be located by the Ignosi tribe.

On August 20 Santa gained a mysterious mark upon his hand in the symbol of a shield after completing a series of challenges with his Ignosi companions in the Temple of the Savant. The grand significance of this event is still unknown.

Santa Unchakof

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