Tag: Deceased


  • Arnise

    Former leader of the [[Arnise Pirates]]. Before [[:arnise-jr]] had carved out a significant portion of southern [[Nyman]], Arnise amassed the pirate force that would remain loyal to him and his son through the [[Restoration]].

  • Aruk Morza

    Aruk Morza was the sole heir of [[Morza Family | House Morza]] until he drowned aboard the [[Weeping Mist]] on its maiden voyage. He married [[:amel-saiidi]] to unite the [[Saiidi Family | Saiidi]] and [[Morza Family | Morza]] families. He had no heirs to …

  • Saabi Morza

    Saabi Morza was the younger brother of [[:aruk-morza]], the heir to [[Morza Family | House Morza]]. He drowned aboard the [[Weeping Mist]] when it sunk on its maiden voyage. He was approximately 10 years old.

  • Oswald Creo

    Santa‚Äôs old master, now deceased. Learned his skills from a group of other Royal Guardians, spent most of his late life on his own apart from them. Taught Santa everything he knows, gave Santa names of people and places, presumably of other Royal …