Tag: God


  • Asher

    God of Chaos, embodies anarchy, rebellion, and madness. The force that disrupts [[:naphtali]]’s law and creates entropy and randomness

  • Dinah

    God of War, embodies battle, conflict, and leadership. The force that motivates people to do battle and the strength that guides them in it.

  • Issacher

    God of Knowledge, embodies intelligence, cunning, and preparedness.

  • Levi

    God of Life, embodies healing, sustenance, and growth.

  • Reuben

    God of Hope, embodies love, spirit, and trust.

  • Judah

    God of Despair, embodies sadness, resignation, and futility.

  • Joseph

    God of the Earth element, embodies resolve, persistence, and commitment.

  • Gad

    God of Water, embodies purity, strength, and vision.

  • Dan

    God of Wind, embodies freedom, carelessness, and travel. The elemental god who gives power to air.