Tag: Ignosi Tribe


  • Session 3

    *Session 3* *June 9* After a week of recuperating, the party headed out to [[Neria]] to begin their scouting mission. Handed merchant papers before they left, [[:desmi | Desmi]] led the party through the [[Dark Roads]] to [[Neria]]. *June 12* …

  • Ignosi Tribe

    Military count: 5,000 Total size: 20,000 Estimated military strength: 3 Main classes: Various [[Ignosi]] reforms his tribe, he leads them in a very primitive patriarchal society. They live near to the big lake on the thin stretch. They are …

  • Wildwood

    The Wildwood is an expanse of thick forest in Western [[Nyman]] that extends from the southern border of [[Ignosi Tribe]] lands, into and down the eastern [[Argosians | Argosian]] coast, and just inside of the northern border of territories belonging to …

  • Fort Crab

    Fort Crab is a fort located in the [[Wildwood]]. It protects the current southern border of the [[Ignosi Tribe]] lands and guards from the northern [[Argosians | Argosian]] border.