Second Great War

The War of Ikou versus Nek’met’s alien incursion.

Begins in 2218 F.A. when a mysterious group appears inside Midgart and sacks it almost immediately, killing King Leon Faraday.

The human response was weak, partially due to a decentralized leadership after the loss of their monarch, and the alien incursion was quickly moving across the landscape.

However in 2891 F.A., the elves responded, by recruiting the gnomish and dwarven kingdoms of Farewiddle and Kurgash, led by La’en Rendaray to aid the humans. Eventually a showdown with Nek’met in Midgart in which Liam Sandford‘s elite unit slays the alien leader ends the incursion, as the remaining aliens, heretofor called Aldurans are released from the powers of Nek’met, and they surrender.

Second Great War

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