Tag: Human


  • Santa Unchakof

    Santa Unchakof is old, and tired. In the five years that have passed since the Restoration much has changed, but much has stayed the same too. The politicians still squabble, merchants still need protection from ne’er-do-wells, and royalty still need …

  • Argosy

    Argosy was one of the most highly respected rear admirals of the [[Human Nationals]], as he hadn't started as an officer, but worked himself up through the ranks. He commanded the Fleet Command Ship [[Aquitaine]], and after it’s destruction, he named his …

  • Arnise

    Former leader of the [[Arnise Pirates]]. Before [[:arnise-jr]] had carved out a significant portion of southern [[Nyman]], Arnise amassed the pirate force that would remain loyal to him and his son through the [[Restoration]].

  • Erikson

    Head of the [[Argosians | Argosian]] tactical division, Erikson is [[:argosy | Argosy's]] right-hand man. He served as the former Chief of Naval Operations of the Northern Theatre for the [[Human Nationals]] in the [[Second Age]] before Argosy and his …

  • Elora Mynas

    Elora Mynas was the last of the Mynas Dynasty to rule over the [[Mynoseans]] in the [[First Age]]. The [[Third Age]] faction [[Blood of Mynas]] draws their namesake from his dynasty as they believe that they carry the Mynas dynasty's future in their veins.

  • Boerhaave

    One of the leaders of the [[Central Pantheon]]. He refused to join the [[Church]] when the [[Church]] attempted to capture [[Midgart]] from the [[Royalists]].

  • Coriolanus

    One of the leaders of the [[Central Pantheon]]. He refused to join the [[Church]] when the [[Church]] attempted to capture [[Midgart]] from the [[Royalists]].

  • Djembe

    Djembe is a [[Seidiir]] that was born in the time just before the [[Restoration]]. While details surrounding his origins are unclear, Djembe is a moderately well known face on the [[Nyman | human continent]], as for a time it was plastered throughout …

  • Caryn Sinthelt

    Originally a cryptologist in the [[Human Nationals]] employed to decipher military codes, she used her knowledge of patterns more broadly to recognize the patterns of combat. She honed this revelation and trained warriors known as [[Statistician | …

  • Mr. Goldhand Brook

    Mr. "Goldhand" Brook is a pirate-turned-shipping-magnate who's trading company, "Brook and Co.":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/new-ikou/wikis/brook-and-co, is located in [[Helenia]]. He served as [[:djembe | Djembe's]] creditor when Djembe bought …

  • Disba Saiidi

    Disba Saiidi is a senior shipwright among [[Tom's Workers]], his most notable commission was the ill-fated [[Weeping Mist]] as a wedding gift to his sister [[:amel-saiidi]]. Some are suspicious that he engineered a key flaw in the hull of the ship that …

  • Aruk Morza

    Aruk Morza was the sole heir of [[Morza Family | House Morza]] until he drowned aboard the [[Weeping Mist]] on its maiden voyage. He married [[:amel-saiidi]] to unite the [[Saiidi Family | Saiidi]] and [[Morza Family | Morza]] families. He had no heirs to …

  • Saabi Morza

    Saabi Morza was the younger brother of [[:aruk-morza]], the heir to [[Morza Family | House Morza]]. He drowned aboard the [[Weeping Mist]] when it sunk on its maiden voyage. He was approximately 10 years old.

  • Rolfe

    Captain Rolfe is an officer of the [[Hawthorne Pirates]] town garrison in [[Rein]]. He is somehow tied to the future successes or failures of [[:mille-venus]], though the extent and nature of their relationship is largely unknown. He provided the …

  • Ainslie Lambert

    A major in the [[Argosians | Argosian]] army. His commanding officer is General [[:moran]]. He was stationed at [[Neria]] when the [[Ignosi Tribe]] captured the fort. He is now a hostage.