Herdr Shaftcraft

Herdr Shaftcraft is the second in command of [[Brook and Co.]] and the left hand man of Mr. Goldhand Brook. While he leads a comfortable life near the top of the company, his position in the pirate company is as tenuous as any and subject to a knife in the back or excessive water in the lungs, as his predecessor was.

Herdr has been subject to his fair share of injustice in the world. His twin sisten Content Not Found: wyn-shaftcraft was sold into slavery following the ravaging of their homeland as a result of the landgrab that followed the Restoration. Herdr escaped slavery by disguising himself as one of the crew members on the slaver ship. He was eventually found out as the body of the man he was impersonating was discovered rotting in a barrel in their port of call. Herdr was immediately brought to swordpoint and that would be where his story ended were it not for the intercession of Mr. Goldhand Brook himself, passing by discussing the potential for new contracts with an undisclosed dignitary. Perhaps what he saw in this boy reminded him of himself at Herdr’s age, nevertheless he was amused by the boy’s ruthless cunning, and saw some potential in him yet. He took him under his wing, and gave him enployment at Brook and Co. as a deckhand and porter.

He worked hard and became a noteworthy crewman. He sailed with Djembe for many years, and they developed close ties saving each other’s hides more that once. They parted ways when Mr. Brook called on Herdr to stay and run the day-to-day happenings in Arcania when Content Not Found: sinker drowned quite unexpectedly under the docks of Helensport. It was he who had proudly signed the contract with Djembe for the joint venture that was to be the Ameobi. It was he who, with a heavy heart, signed the wanted notice for Djembe when his ship was sunk and he skipped out on his debts. His newfound position afforded him new contacts and influence, but less and less time to carry out his life’s work: finding Wyn. Djembe is the only living person who knows of Wyn, having one night overheard a very drunk and inconsolable Herdr quietly begging for her forgiveness in the dark between heavy sobs.

It is unclear if Wyn is still alive, and even less certain where she ended up.

Herdr Shaftcraft

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